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Is Furnished Accommodation Becoming More Popular than Hotels?

Increasing numbers of travellers are turning away from hotels and towards furnished apartments. While traditional hotels still offer many benefits to certain travellers, furnished apartments provide a different type of experience and can be an excellent choice for students, business travellers, those visiting family and tourists who are planning long stays.

Serviced apartments have been used for several decades now and are most common in major cities, particularly around Sydney, Melbourne and other top Australian travel destinations. They tend to be located in prime locations that are close to dining, shopping, business districts and major attractions, and they occasionally even include service for the ultimate in luxury.

According to travel experts, more corporate and leisure travellers are beginning to seek long-term, cost-effective accommodations such as furnished apartment accommodation instead of hotels. These apartments are specifically designed for travellers who either need longer-term accommodations or who simply want a more spacious, comfortable environment for their visits.

If you are trying to decide between a hotel room and a furnished apartment for your next Australian holiday, here is some food for thought.

1. Will you be travelling alone or with a group?

Hotels can be cramped and inconvenient for larger groups of people. Serviced or furnished apartments can be found with one to four bedrooms that give everyone in your group as much privacy as necessary as well as group areas or a central living space that allow you to better socialize with your friends and loved ones.

2. Do you need more space?

Hotels are great choices for overnight stays, but you may begin to feel quite claustrophobic during longer stays. Furnished apartments offer bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas and other rooms that allow you to feel right at home.

3. Do you want to cook for yourself?

Holidays can be a great opportunity to explore a new city and all its culinary offerings. However, you may soon begin to crave your own favorite meals or want to enjoy a breakfast from the comfort of your own patio or dining table. Serviced apartments include kitchens that allow you to brew your own favorite coffee or create a delicious meal with locally sourced groceries from the city’s weekend markets.

4. Do you want privacy?

Hotels can be fairly noisy even at the best of times, and housekeepers arrive early in the day to tidy up the rooms. Having maid service is a nice perk of hotels, but it can feel intrusive, especially if you want to sleep in or just enjoy your privacy. When you stay in your own apartment, you can choose to do your own housekeeping or have regular servicing performed at your own preferred intervals.

5. Are you looking for an affordable option?

In many cases, hotels may seem to be the more affordable option initially. However, a closer look reveals that furnished apartments offer highly competitive prices that include not only all amenities but also many additional luxuries. Apartments tend to be located in high-demand buildings all over the globe including Sydney, New York, London and Amsterdam and companies such as Amsterdam Rent can put you in contact with owners that offer swimming pools, private gyms and off-street parking. The price also covers a longer stay, often with a minimum of one month, which means it is actually more cost-effective than the average hotel room of similar quality. Apartments are especially affordable when families or groups are travelling together.

6. Do you want all the amenities?

DIY laundry facilities, kitchen facilities and all the amenities you would usually find in a hotel, including restaurants, pools, on-site gyms and off-street parking make serviced apartments a great choice. Most apartments also feature entertainment options that include TVs, DVD players, stereos and WiFi access to make your stay more enjoyable. Some apartments even offer complimentary breakfasts or other services to make your stay more pampering.

A furnished or serviced apartment is not necessarily for everyone. Corporate travellers and expatriates in particular appreciate the comfort of having their own private apartments. Groups of friends or families look to serviced apartments for spacious comfort that gives them the room they crave to stretch out, relax and really enjoy their stay. Overnight travellers and those who will not spend much time at their accommodations may prefer hotels. However, the advantages they offer has led to a dramatic surge in apartments’ popularity in major cities around the world.

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