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Are Serviced Apartments in Sydney the Best Accommodation Option?

When you are travelling, you may have many things on your mind. You have to make travel arrangements, create a schedule, make plans to meet with friends and associates or to participate in cultural events and decide on your accommodations. Sydney, Australia, is a top travel destination and offers numerous options ranging from budget hotels to luxurious five-star accommodations and from sleek boutique hotels to spacious serviced apartments. While all these accommodations provide specific benefits to travellers, serviced apartments have enjoyed a sharp increase in popularity in recent years.

Advantages of Serviced Apartments

1. Location
Serviced apartments in Sydney similar to what Furnished Properties Pty Ltd offer are located virtually anywhere, which means that travellers can stay right in the center of the excitement in the CBD or spread out into the suburbs for an entirely different kind of experience. Finding an apartment in a more out-of-the-way place can give you an opportunity to enjoy the culture of the city in a way that you never could have in an area that is primarily inhabited by other tourists or business travellers. If you are planning a longer stay, you can even get to know your neighbours and your neighbourhood for a genuinely home-like experience.

2. Space
Serviced apartments are generous with space. Not only will you have your own private bedroom, but you can also enjoy spacious living areas and kitchens that allow you to really settle in and get comfortable. Serviced apartments can be excellent choices for single travellers, but larger serviced apartments with two, three or more bedrooms are also available for families or groups.

3. Amenities
Many travellers appreciate that extra touch of pampering while they are travelling. Not only do people enjoy those little indulgences when they are on holiday, but business travellers also appreciate amenities that make them feel right at home. Because serviced apartments are often located in top-tier buildings, they frequently offer such attractive extras as on-site gyms, swimming pools and off-street parking. Inside the apartments, travellers can kick back and enjoy plasma screen TVs with DVD players or use the WiFi to stay connected to loved ones or business associates.


While serviced apartments are a great choice for many travellers today, they may not be right for everyone. Some people find themselves concerned about the cost, which can seem dramatically higher than hotels’ prices. While serviced apartments are generally priced competitively, their price is designed to accommodate longer stays. Hotel travellers are rarely in place for more than a few days, but serviced apartments cater to those who will be living in them for several weeks or even months.

While the cost may initially seem intimidating, the value offered by a serviced apartment is extensive. In many cases, a serviced apartment may be more expensive but will still be a more cost-effective choice because you can save by preparing meals in your fully equipped gourmet kitchen, relax on your own patio with coffee or wine and do your own laundry, which offers both convenience and affordability. Shopping in local markets instead of pricey tourist districts can help you keep the price even more affordable.

Is a Serviced Apartment Right For Me?

Consider what you want from your holiday or trip to Sydney before choosing your accommodations.

1. Are you planning a stay of longer than a month but less than a year? A serviced apartment may be right for you.

2. Do you want a place that is close to the top tourist destinations and convenient to public transportation? Furnished apartments are located throughout the city and allow you to easily get where you need to go.

3. Do you want a comfortable home-away-from-home experience? An apartment can really pay off by providing you with everything you need as well as some delightful extras.

4. Do you appreciate privacy and security? You can often choose how frequently your apartment is serviced or even perform your own housekeeping, and off-street parking and secure buildings can give you additional peace of mind.

5. Are you travelling with a group? Apartments are available in all shapes and sizes, and there is sure to be one to meet your needs.

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