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Where Do You Find The Best 5 Star Hotel Deals in Sydney?

Sydney, as a major city of the world, offers a plethora of options when it comes to hotel accommodation. However, if you are on a limited budget however you may be looking at the budget hotels on the internet because finding a deal on a five star hotel in Sydney is totally out of the question. That might not be so. Sydney hotels are seeing fierce competition from the rental accommodation market and as a consequence have to lower their prices and their lofty standards to stay in the game.

Now, that being said, it’s unlikely that a five star hotel has rooms at incredibly low prices such as twenty dollars per person per night, that would mean they have suffered a major decrease in their reputation, but they might just be low enough, sometimes as low as 150 dollars.  That will probably be per person per night but still, this rate is a major discount on the several hundred dollars per person per night that would normally be charged during the summer months. Also, contrary to popular belief, the big hotels, especially the worldwide chains like the Hilton, don’t close after the summer is done and count their money. They stay open and try to keep a steady flow of business. T

his is almost impossible though due to the small numbers of tourists that are flying into Sydney in the winter months. These hotels are forced to rent out their rooms for a lower price to attract the customer. Hotels in Sydney, especially those of the five star variety, lose a lot of business to the budget hotel. Of course, the five star hotels have a reputation for being snobbish about who their clientele are and some simply just prefer to have the richest and most well regarded people staying at their hotels and can afford to lose the extra business but this can have a detrimental effect over time if they are not looking at the bigger picture.

The Internet is the perfect place to find a great deal on a Sydney hotel, especially those with 5 stars. The internet is the only place these hotels will dare to post cheap room rates and also there may even be coupons that save even more money. You may end up getting a hotel room that was originally 900 dollars per person, per night down to an extremely low amount. The point is, the internet is filled with all sorts of great deals and surprising finds. Hotels used to be just there with fixed rates and if you didn’t like them, you could just go home and not have a holiday but now that time has progressed, the public are pushing back and demanding better deals at more affordable rates.

The popularity and power of the internet is infinite. Hotels can’t just sit back and rest on their laurels anymore. They have to face up to criticisms and comments from their guests and it’s not just privately, these comments and criticisms are there for everyone to see, they can’t be hushed up and escorted to a back room and brushed off with a false sense of decorum. You’ll find many hotel websites and websites that list hotels with a comments and reviews section and even a five star rating system.

Sadly, it’s usually only guests with a grievance that leave reviews of hotels and these can range from simple matters such as there not being any clean towels in the bathroom to the hotel staff being rude to guests to the hotel falling into a sinkhole while the guests slept. Of course, that last complaint wouldn’t be the hotels fault at all but it is this comments and reviews section that keeps hoteliers on their toes to make sure they look after their guests and give them the best room rates available and hope that they return again and write a favourable review online.

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